I like alot of the designs but I want a few custom colors. Is this possible?
Yes we can edit many of our designs. Please contact us.

Can I track my order?
Yes, you will receive a FedEx tracking number in your shipping confirmation e-mail.

What are the accepted payment methods?
We accept online card payment with MasterCard, VISA or via PayPal.

Can I change my order?
We start working on your order as soon as it is placed, so there is a very limited time-frame in which you can amend or cancel it. So, if you would like to make any changes, please email us as soon as possible by email.

How do I find the right size?
There is a size chart on each garment with body measurements.

Did my order go through?
An order confirmation is sent to your email immediately after the order is placed. Check your inbox and junk mail. If it is missing, chances are that your order did not go through correctly. Please contact our customer service and we’ll sort it out!

When do I receive my order?
We dispatch all orders in 3-5 business days, delivery time will depend on the shipping country and address.